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When guys watch TV, they're most likely watching something about cars and power - and generally, the more cars and power the better. But the great thing about automotive television is that there are different kinds of shows for different types of car enthusiasts.

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For instance, "My Classic Car" is targeted toward classic car lovers and people who enjoy restoring old street rods. On the other hand, shows such as "Car and Driver" are aimed for viewers who want to learn about the latest rides. The show takes you through a number of reviews and road tests to let you know which vehicles are best in their respective categories.

Other car lovers want a television series that shows them how to tweak, enhance and customize their rides. For these types, there's "Horsepower TV," "Muscle Car" and "Xtreme 4X4." Here's more information on two of the more popular television shows that have been showcased in detail:

"Two Guys Garage"

This show is a popular auto how-to, featured on the Speed channel. The show stars Sam Memmolo, a well-known favorite you might remember from shows like "Shadetree Mechanic" and "Crank & Chrome" of the 1990s.

His current show is made for aspiring mechanics looking to take on semi-simple, do-it-yourself customization jobs. The focus is on showing viewers how to perform certain fabrication techniques, such as welding, painting and wheel balancing.

During each episode, Memmolo guides you step by step through the tasks required to complete the project vehicle. The show frequently features guest automotive specialists to share their knowledge and expertise on particular projects.


"Trucks!" is a hit show featured on Spike TV, currently hosted by Paul Vinson and Kevin Tetz and targeted to man and his truck. In each episode, Paul and Kevin complete tasks in the customization of their project trucks. They show viewers how to use equipment, how to perform modifications and how to install aftermarket parts.

Paul and Kevin regularly restore old trucks and hotrods, modify truck suspension and frame for hauling or towing, and tweak modern trucks for a customized appearance. Once their project trucks are on the brink of completion, the hosts will take them out on the open road for a test run. The show is packed full of enthusiasm from true truck lovers.

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