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We all love our cars, and we want them to be the best out there. When you are looking to buy speakers, you always want to find the best sound for the right price. Don't go to those expensive auto sound shops – they may give you good stereo speakers, but they're often overpriced and they charge you a lot to install them.

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When you want to get good sound for less money, always try doing it yourself. This may be confusing at times, but you'll be happy with the money you save, which could be hundreds of dollars. And the sound is just as good as it would have been with a professional job. Also, shop at one of the big stores, such as Wal-Mart and Target. Their prices are a third of the regular speaker price.

Matching Speaker Wires

Installing new speakers isn't as hard as it seems. Before buying speakers, you'll want to buy an aftermarket CD player. When you have a custom CD player, the power of the speakers will increase by 100 percent. When installing the player, you will find you have about 13 wires to deal with. You want to make sure that you match them exactly or you will run into problems.

Make sure that you connect them with the right material as well as match the colors. Use some wire locks to pinch the wires together.

Hooking it Up

Once you have matched all the wires, connect the adapters together and plug the antenna into the corresponding hole, then slide the player into the slot on the dashboard. Make sure not to fully attach it yet.


So now that you've installed the player, go to the speakers. You want to make sure you match up your speaker wattage with the CD player. If the speaker watts are more than the CD player's, you may not get the full audio output you're looking for.


While the player has a lot of wires, you only have to worry about two when it comes to the sound: red and black. Red refers to positive, black is negative. So now you're ready to hook them up. Use the locks to hold the wires in place. After you connect the wires, screw the speakers in place; this helps to decrease vibration. Once you're done, move on to the subwoofers.


Here are easy steps to figure it out, but before getting into this, you need to make sure you have an amplifier. This helps balance the power of the subwoofer and the car's stereo's basic power. When hooking this up, you'll notice that the layout is actually pretty simple and straightforward – you'll know what to put where.

The back of the CD player should come with red and white subwoofer hookups. Take the two hookups and then run them through the dash to the back of the CD player.

That's about it. Have fun and enjoy the best sounding system!

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