Remote Car Starters

Start your engine with a push of a button

Those of you who live in harsh colder climates will appreciate the beauty of a remote car starter. No longer will you risk freezing yourselves to warm up your vehicles. With a remote starter you can start your car (and turn it off) without setting foot outside. It can turn on the heater in the winter and start the air conditioner during summer. Pretty convenient.

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How They Work

The remote starter is connected with your vehicle's starter, ignition, engine tachometer, neutral safety switch, heater, air conditioning system and parking lights. When you activate the remote starter, the parking lights flash once so you know that the control module in the vehicle has received the signal.

The control module then supplies power to the ignition the same way a key does. The module supplies power to the starter for a maximum of four seconds to start the engine. It monitors the tachometer (voltage) so that it knows when the engine has started and releases so not to grind the starter - it's probably easier on your car's starter than you are!

Once running, the remote can be used to turn on the heater or the air conditioning to bring the interior of your car to a comfortable temperature. In the winter it will even run your defroster to clear the windshield - no more frozen fingers from scraping ice! In the summer you won't be burning your skin on hot surfaces. The remote starter will keep your car running for a predetermined time, and then it will automatically shut off. This is great in case you get preoccupied and don't come out to your car.

To start driving, simply unlock the doors, put the key in the ignition and drive away; the same as you've always done. Remote car starters have a mile range as well, so that you can start your car even if it's parked down the street. The cost varies, but they're definitely a great investment.

Additional Features

A remote car starter is a valuable aftermarket accessory. Check out some of the benefits to having one:

  • Theft prevention - You don't have to worry about anyone stealing your car with a remote car starter, because as soon as the doors are unlocked the engine shuts off and is locked down - it can't start without the key. Look for a system that includes a pin switch on the hood so that the remote starter won't start when the hood is up. Also, the system should shut off the engine when the brake is tapped.
  • Safety - Remote car starters often come with additional safety features. If your car has power door locks, you can get a starter with keyless entry. With this, you can get into your car faster on those dark nights. If you do get into trouble, you can use the remote starter to set off your car's alarm. Most remote starters have a range of at least 400 feet so you'll be able to arm or disarm your vehicle from a distance.
  • Convenience - Many remote starters have a number of other features such as popping the hood and trunk. But simply being able to cool down or heat up your car without actually being in it should be reason enough to get one. Look for a system that has a temperature sensor so that it will shut of the engine if it's overheating.
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