Pimp my alternator

Car enthusiasts enjoy tweaking and altering their rides in order to get the most performance out of their vehicles. The alternator supplies the power to a car's electrical accessories, such as the heated seats, power moonroofs, high-amp stereos and fancy DVD systems of today's luxury vehicles. If your alternator isn't up to par, then it won't be able to handle all of these goodies that require a lot of juice. Alternators with 100+ amps are becoming ever more popular.

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There really isn't much you can do to your existing alternator to boost its power. The easiest way is to upgrade your alternator to one with a higher power output. However, there are some tricks that may help your existing alternator perform better - just be sure you have a working knowledge of these parts before you start messing around under the hood:

  • Neutral point switching - This technique involves the addition of circuitry. Neutral point switching allows for the flow of a third harmonic current, which usually only flows at high speeds, not low speeds. The extra current will provide extra power.
  • Field voltage boost - This technique also includes the addition of circuitry. Adding a field voltage boost circuit and voltage regulator can increase the field voltage level and the field current above the normal level provided from the battery. More voltage equals more power.
  • Alternator fan - Installing a high quality fan can improve the cooling system of the alternator, which in turn increase the performance of the alternator.

If your alternator is not worth boosting, there is a huge selection of new and rebuilt alternators on the market for your car, truck, van or SUV. No matter what you're driving, these new or remanufactured alternators will put the power back into your car. Remember, only purchase rebuilt or remanufactured alternators from a reliable source to ensure high quality. Some of the popular brands of alternators include Bosch and Delco. High-output, high-amp alternators (200+ amps) are available for a variety of applications, such as for running high-amp stereos, DVD systems, off-road lights, GPS and much more. Keep in mind, the higher the amp-output, the more expensive the alternator.

If you're looking for an alternator that's the best of the best, choose Bosch. Bosch alternators are available for most domestic and import vehicles on the road. The company uses premium-quality materials in all their alternators, which are meticulously tested for durability and long life. Even their rebuilt alternators use far more new components than their competitors products. It's no wonder that so many automakers are installing Bosch alternators in their new vehicles. A bad alternator can end up leaving you in the dark or worse - frying your computer controls! Don't take the chance - get a Bosch alternator.

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